Founded in 2001, NWA LULAC Council 754 based in Bentonville, AR, was formed by a group of Latinos in Northwest Arkansas who were concerned about the absence of an effective voice for Latinos in this area. Council 754, through its Apoyo Latino non-profit status, is a non-partisan organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in NWA and has become the organization to defend the rights of Latinos while bridging the differences that divide us through education and dialogue. The council has become the most effective and well respected Latino organizations in NWA.

We are also proud of our scholarship program which has helped many Latino students continue their education right here in NWA. To date, we have awarded 184 scholarships totaling more than $186,900. We have also sent several students to the LULAC Youth Leadership Seminar in Washington, DC, empowering those that attend to be a part of the process that makes the democracy of America what it is. We have also partnered with local agencies to establish reading programs for students who have fallen behind so they may continue to improve their educational experience.

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